"Garbage Island" want to turn into a mega-park

31 Октябрь, 2013


This image shows the, the island looks like San Biagio.

The top manufacturer of amusement parks introduced a controversial project, to turn » garbage island "in Venice in this cultural centre, insisting, that floating city will not interfere with the new amusement park.
Entertainment center for the cost of 80 млн. Euro ($ 110 млMillionlaquo;will not be an amusement park» with attractions only, Alberto Zamperla told AFP's. So he explains his plan to transform artificial island San Biagio, from an old landfill, in a theme park with a cultural slant.
Zamperla hopes to clean up four decades of rubbish on four hectares of land at the entrance to the Giudecca Canal and turn it into a fun hub, History and Learning – Subject to, that they will be able to obtain the necessary permits.
«We're talking about the history of Venice – that's one of my passions – but it will be my way», said Zamperla.
«I know, What People Like, I know my job. We've built theme parks in the U.S., Russia, Iraq, Mexico and North Korea, China and Thailand,» сказал он.
Zamperla's Company, which, among other things, boasts the conversion of a nuclear reactor in Kalkar in Germany into an amusement park and the creation of the Tivoli Gardens in Denmark, merged with the University of CA Foscari in Venice for this latter project.
New York industrialist, who has four years of concession of land, quoth, that it will turn a wasteland into an attraction is able to attract 11000 visitors per day for two years.
«We want to, For the project to be successful and to build on links with cultural and scientific points of view», said Carlo Carraro, Chancellor of the University, working with a multidisciplinary team, which task the revival of natural habitat and history Wednesday.
Researchers are looking for ways to, to save the island's flora and fauna, and create historical tours, which would tell the story of the founding of Venice and its evolution to the famous Carnival of Masks, which is held annually in the city's canals.
However, there are big plans to build a Ferris wheel, roller coasters and carriages firing at high speeds through an artificial lake and life-size reproductions of paintings of the famous galleon, used in the battle between the Turks and the Venetians, have already caused controversy.
«We are categorically against this. I am not criticizing the idea of reconstructing a degraded area. But we don't need any more attractions, We have enough», says Matteo Sechchi represents website Venessia.com, who fights for issues of local significance.
It is planned to build theme park in this deserted island.
«Venice has other priorities. Its inhabitants leave, as it has already become an amusement park», He said referring to the large number of Venetians travelling out of town, and leaving it in perspective for tourists.
City Council spokesman Roberto Vianello, However, quoth, that he was in favour of the reconstruction of the square «where heavy metals and dioxins, Probably, are, only 12 minute boat ride from Piazza San Marco, in the Centre of Venice».
Zambella says, that cleaning, construction and operation of such a park would create at least 500 jobs.
But his critics say, that as a result of his project even more tourists will come to town, that is already struggling to cope with the flow of the 500 Million. visitors per year, that does not bring one of the world's most fragile legacies in the world any good at all.




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