«Green Continent» is going to lead in "green technologies"

5 June, 2013


Recently, the world is clearly a trend to build green buildings, which are most friendly to the environment. These buildings can be seen in many countries, America and Europe, as well as in Turkey, OAЭ, Bali and Avstralii.



Sydney has built high-rise office building Bligh 1, in which design makes maximum use of "green" technologies. In particular, this building has the least impact on the greenhouse effect and the maximum reduction in the negative impact on the environment.
In addition to the construction of this building used innovative technology, with positive effects on the health of the users and staff, the performance of their work and significant savings on maintenance of life support systems such as ventilation, Heating and Air Conditioning, as well as many green watering plants located within the building.

So, such as ventilation vast central atrium, associated with all the internal spaces of the building is naturally. On the roof of the building there is a beautiful garden, that employees can attend during work breaks, and at the entrance to the lobby of the building visitors are greeted by a huge green wall height of almost 10 meters. Also a lot of ornamental plants located throughout the building.
Systems for heating and power electricity power plants and efficiently uses solar collectors located on the roof.
"Smart" double-layer facade of the building with the double glazing with solar driven air curtains is the know-how that is applied only in Australia. This approach greatly improves the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, and also contributes to minimizing carbon emissions.
In addition to the Bligh 1 re-use of treated wastewater for toilet systems and watering plants, as well as the re-use of rain water and many other high-tech innovations.
This project is a shining example of the application of green technology, combined with the global approach to the design and design in construction.
The total price of the 30-story building Bligh 1 is 712,7 million. $.
In Sydney, not so long ago began a large-scale renovation of many buildings, on the same principle, As in Bly 1, to turn this city into one of the "greenest" cities in the world in the coming 20 years.
The concept of "green technologies" is now widely used in the construction was green buildings around the world. So, eg, on the island of Bali is based on similar principles of ecological school, in construction using the most modern innovative technologies.




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