Wedge-tailed eagle

22 April, 2011


Wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila audax) - Birds of prey hawk family,inhabiting the plains and the mountains across Australia and the island Tasmania.

Wedge-tailed eagle in length reaches from 85 centimeters to 1 метра,wingspan of up to 2,5 метра. Females are usually laMetersan eagle klinohvostnogo males,the weight of the 4 до 5 килограмм, Males weigh between lighter and 3 до 4 кtoоKilogram



Wedge-tailed eagles are skilled hunters, their main prey - rabbits, which are about 30-70 % wedge-tailed eagle's diet. Wedge-tailed eagles, also prey on lizards, small birds, In rare cases, attacks on lambs and do not disdain carrion and.

Wedge-tailed eagle nest is building a large, to 3 meters in diameter and weighing 400 kg, on a high tree with a good view of the surrounding area. In laying 1-3 eggs. The chicks hatch after 42-45 days. Wedge-tailed eagles young depend on their parents for six months.




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