Gibson Desert

13 May, 2010


Пустыня Гибсона (Gibson Desert)Пустыня Гибсона (Gibson Desert) - Sandy desert in the middle of Western Australia, area 155 530Km ². The desert is located south of the Tropic of Capricorn, Between Great Sandy Desert in the north and Great Victoria Desert South.

From the west desert is bounded Hamersley Range, well as with western and eastern parts consists of long parallel ridges of sand, and in the central part of the terrain leveled. In the western part there are several lakes, marshes, including Lake Disappoyntment, which is located on the border with the Great Sandy Desert.

Rainfall is very irregular. Soils are sandy, rich in iron, strongly weathered. In some places there are thickets of acacia bezzhilkovoy, quinoa and cereal spinifeks, which bloom bright colors after a rare rain.

On the territory of the Gibson Desert Nature Reserve organized (Gibson Desert Nature Reserve), an area of 1 859 286 hectare. The reserve is home to many desert animals, such as large Bilby (threatened with destruction), red kangaroos, emu, Australian avdotka, Striped grass wren, and Moloch. The lake and nearby Lake Disappoyntment, appearing after the rare rains, Birds flock in search of protection from the dry climate.

Gibson Desert is inhabited mostly Australian Aborigines, wilderness area is used for extensive pastoralism. Desert opened in 1873 , the British expedition of Ernest Giles, who crossed it in 1876 Year. The name of the desert was in honor of Alfred Gibson, a member of the expedition, died in her search for water.



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