Flinders River

13 April, 2010


Река Флиндерс (Flinders River)Flinders (Flinders River) - The longest river in the Australian state Квинсленд.

The length of Flinedrs 1004 км, and the basin area - about 109 708 км. Among the largestkm the tributaries of the river Cloncurry and Saxby.

Flinders fountain located in the south-western slopes of the Gregory, are part of the Great Dividing Range, near Kargun.

Hence the river to the city of Hyuenden flows in a south-westerly direction, then change over to the West, flowing through the city of Marathon, Richmond. Near the village of Flinders Maksuelton fall two tributaries, one of which river Stoell. After that, the river changes its course to the north-west, falling, After all, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, two sleeves: the second is known as the River Bain (Bynoe River).

The river was named by Captain John Stokes (Captain John Stokes) after the British navigator Matthew Flinders. 1864 Year. Currently, the pool Flinders of Livestock and pastoralism.



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