Вкусная еда и напитки по маршруту к Крейдл Маунтин, ч3

20 August, 2017


Easy to understand, why these glacial peaks and Misty Alpine swamp became a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world.

Спиртовой завод Хеллиер Роад / Hellyers Road

153 Old Surrey Rd, Берни, Tasmania 7320

(03) 6433 0439


Марк Литтлер, мастер-дистиллятор завода Хеллиер Роад. Фото: Chris Kidd

Вернувшись на побережье Берни, вы можете отправиться на ликеро-водочный завод Хеллиер Роад / Hellyers Road, который предлагает удостоенный наград виски, известный своим полированным медным свечением.

Our basic assortment is characterized by citrus overtones with the vanilla sweetness, also penetration to your taste buds», – said Master Distiller Mark Littler.

"We find, What is it like for people, who are not admirers of beer and malt beverages like him. But, Of course, subject, What do you like your whiskey … »

Tasty food / Delish Fine Foods

Address: Shop 3, 36 Main Rd, Wivenhoe, Tasmania 7320

(03) 6431 2211


This clearly-expressed commitment to improving the production and filing products, providing the highest quality, makes route «cradle on the coast " / Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail even more unique. Order a gourmet meal from an assortment of delicacies delicious food restaurant / Delish Fine Foods, which was carefully selected by the Swiss master Kurt syrodelom An.

House Of Anversa

9025 Bass Highway, Tatrob, Tasmania

(03) 6426 2958




Igor studied at the Institute of food in Antwerp.

Igor Van Gerwen founded the chocolate paradise, House Of Anversa.

Chocolate House Anversa / Chocolatier House of Anvers is located directly on the main highway between Devonportom and Lonsestonom, such a convenient location helps him catch "food lovers in motion».

Founded By Igor Van Gervenom, who came to Australia from Belgium after six years of study at the Institute of food in Antwerp, Belgium.

Igor has worked on some of the finest confectioneries in the Flemish and Walloon regions, and examined the, among other culinary skills, the art of chocolate processing. Here you can allow it to exercise fully their remarkable skills. Anversa House works, seven days a week.

41 degrees south latitude

323 Montana Road, Red Hills, Tasmania 7304

(03) 6362 4130


Here is a certified UNESCO salmon producer 41 degree South latitude/ 41 Degrees South, which is also en route to the mount Cradle on the above route, where you can learn about eco friendly process of salmon farming.

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