Лучшие места для семейного отдыха в Австралии: Victoria, ч.3.1

15 December, 2014


Вдоль Великой Океанской Дороги в Виктории.

Along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, there are plenty of places for families, where you can stop and examine them.


This is quite a compact region has many different, interesting options for families.

The Mecca of surfers, which is considered to be the West Coast from Melbourne, famous for its most popular automobile route "Great Ocean Road" (Great Ocean Road), Bells Beach, Torquay beaches.

Stay in these places a little further conventional, and you will find here the most fantastically friendly in the world for a family vacation city, such as Airejs Inlet and Apollo Bay.



Further West, children will enjoy the coast shipwrecks, where you can explore one of the main attractions of the State, natural monument – 12 the Apostles, and other limestone formations, such as London Bridge. In the town of Varranambul in Western Victoria, you can even watch «sound and laser show, dedicated to the shipwrecked travelers of the past», which told stories about the many shipping disasters occurred in the region.

Парад пингвинов на острове Филиппа. Штат Виктория.

Penguin Parade at Phillip Island in Victoria also attracts thousands of visitors.

If you are looking for a simple quiet vacation on the beach, keep the path in South Gippsland. This region, Usually, less populated, than on the coast West of Melbourne, and includes Phillip Island, that is the House of Night Parade of penguins, where every evening hundreds of little penguins emerge from the surf and go vrazvalochku to sand dunes. The island is also the Centre for the preservation of koalas, and there is also Nobbis-Centre-the place where hundreds of sea lions.

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