Пять лучших удаленных ресторанов в Австралии: «Ню Ню» – Палм-Коув, Квинсленд, Part 3

3 Июнь, 2015


Ресторан «Нюню» в Палм Коув, Квинсленд.

In the restaurant "Nunu" in Palm Cove, sitting on the edge of the ocean, You captures the magic of the reef.

3. «Ню Ню» – Палм-Коув, Квинсленд


When it comes to Queensland, There is one main attraction, which leads tourists: The Great Barrier Reef. The reason for which all emigrated to these places at least one week – This never-ending Sun, amazing white sand coast of Northern Queensland and crystal clear (and warm) water.

The problem is that, A what, When it comes to eating, then there are not many places, who can combine the magic of the tropics and reef and offer with this equally fantastic menu. So here's the restaurant "Nu Nu" is one of the few, that meets all the above queries, It provides an excellent food combined with stunning views, due to the fact, located in the open area, hanging over the ocean at the top of the Coral Sea.



The restaurant menu has been specially developed, to complement these characteristics, that make North Queensland haven. Just look at the filed you food, It bright, colorful and looks pretty light and airy. Then, When you actually taste the flavor of the dish, your taste buds will come in State of this tropical explosion.

Regarding seasoning, the restaurant's dishes provided a slight Asian influence.

Завтрак в ресторане "Ню ню".

However,, the food they have mostly sour-sweet, what you and want to, When there will be hot and humid – refreshing, light lunch with wonderful aroma, and the pleasures of taste and looks like fresh coral, just plucked from the reef. And thanks to the variety of breakfast menu, lunch and dinner, You can treat yourself to a meal of the best restaurants of North Queensland for three meals a day.

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