Международные туристы тратят в среднем $ 5000 на отдых в Австралии

14 Июнь, 2016


Such historical sites, how Port Arthur in Tasmania in the first quarter of this year is seeing a high rate of growth in the number of visitors.

Every international tourist, visiting Australia, Invests $ 5000 into the country's economy, and this figure is growing.

Australia Tourism website (http://www.australia.com) published this «price list» After that, how the country's economy earned additional $ 1,4 Billion. during the first three months of the year.

Overview charts of the research organization of international tourism in Australia (Tourism Research Australia’s International Visitor Survey) show that, by the end of March this year, the total amount of tourist spending increased by 17 interest and reached record highs $ 38 Billion.

Chinese tourists are engaged in shopping in the south ocean hypermarket, Nan Hai on Highway Gold Coast.

The greatest profit from the expenses of visitors was received by such states of the country, like South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The main items of income - tours to wineries, excursions to historical sites and monuments and beach excursions.

The study also showed, A what 11 percent of visitors, used uber services, the bulk of such tourists were residents of the United States, Great Britain and Scandinavia, who decided to try the "exchange trip" service (ride-sharing).



Managing Director of Tourism Australia John O'Sullivan says, that spending by international tourists is now growing at a rate of more than two times the growth of incoming visitors.

«Annual figures show, what from every international visitor, whom we attract to Australia, our economy benefits in the amount of $ 5000″, said Mr. O'Sullivan.

«We are really starting to see the economic benefits of implementing a high-yield tourism strategy.»

The author of the article: Robin Ironside  (News Corp Australia Network). Перевод: website   http://australia-tour.info/

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