Australia - the most expensive country to study in the world

20 Август, 2013


Australian National UniversityAccording to the European bank HSBC Australia is in first place on tuition fees at universities, the national average. Since the cost of education in Australia will cost 38 Thd. $ USA.

But while the world is education, in which the cost of education is much higher than this figure. For instance, in the Ivy League universities in the U.S., the cost of annual training and stay up to the amount 58760 $.
Of 13 countries, which were considered by analysts of the bank's top ten hit countries such as the U.S., United Kingdom, OAЭ, China, Canada, Germany and Japan. Russia took the 9th place in the list with the number 9441 $.



Moreover, according to experts from HSBC on the training itself in Russia needs to spend a little more than the sum of 3 тыс. $, and in the other 6,4 тыс $Thdated cost of student accommodation in Russia, that is, the. a little more 500 $ per month.
To estimate the cost of education in each country was taken from the sample 10 largest universities.
Second place in the list of universities in the U.S. have taken a number key 35 Thd. $.
In third place was the UK higher education system with the amount of 19291 $ tuition and 11 Thd. $ for living in the country.
In Asian countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Singapore, the cost of training and stay a little more than the sum of 20 Thd. $, and, curiously enough, because of the high cost of the second component – Accommodation.
Almost the same amount it cost to study in Japan - 19164 $.
The cheapest countries were after Russia - China (8,8 тыс. $), Taiwan (8,3 тыс. $) and Spain (7,0 тыс $).Thd
What is interesting, As, was, bottom of the list of 13 countries - Germany with the amount of 6,3 тыс. $, of which only 635 $ a year must be spent directly on tuition, and the remaining 5,6 тыс. - For accommodation.Thd
It turns, that the student is living in Germany will cost a little cheaper, than in Russia, while the study at the university cheaper by almost 5 time, than in our country.




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