Airlines Qantas cuts jobs again

21 Февраль, 2012


Profit largest Australian airline Qantas, whose fleet consists of more 130 aircraft, fell 83%, financial shocks of Qantas again turn into a massive job.

Recall, that recently ended strike of airline Qantas which was attended by airline pilots, of border - customs, aircraft mechanics, Luggage service clerks and employees of food items at airports Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Gold Coast and Cairns Airport, including porters and cleaners.
The strikers were against changing the conditions of the contract, and demanded higher wages and better working conditions.



At a press conference Qantas CEO Alan Joyce konstantiroval, that the Australian economy has become too costly for business, Qantas airlines as profit amounted 42 million dollars, as compared with 239 million for the same period a year ago.

Alan Joyce «Also added we have to deal with the new global reality. Asia will continue to bring to market, with favorable economic proposals».

Due to changes in the company, 500 jobs will be cut,it is also to consider the economic viability of three units for maintenance in Brisbane, Melbourne and Avalon. «We will act in the interests of the company and the people», – promised Alan Joyce.




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