Where to go next? Ch. 6

11 Апрель, 2016



Peregrine Falcon - high-speed rail between Moscow and St Petersburg..

Dr. Bigrajv said, that zero emissions is the key, Thanks to what actually took place, recreating the Advisory Group on high-speed railways.

He also said, that the next steps must be made to maintain the selected railway route through the provision of support from the relevant State and territory governments, and identify funding model as a State, private or a combination of both, and then the existing railway integrovat transport system in Australia.

According to him, so far, the plans were aborted due to the lack of a clear bipartisan support and the reluctance on the part of some of the previous Governments to commit themselves to   such long-term planning.

«That is why it is important to make this choice right now, as stated by Andrew Robb, and Anthony Albanese continued to counsel this project stavatsja», сказал он.

«Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also favours the high-speed rail project and understands, that investment in such and similar projects will be crucial for the economic prosperity of Australia and that, This is part of our innovative future».



Dr. Bigrajv oharakteriroval high-speed rail as the future of "nation-building" in Australia, that compares with the programme of construction of ski resorts in the snowy mountains project».

«The positive effect will accumulate and continue for many generations and electoral cycles», сказал он.

«We are lagging behind countries in Europe and Japan 50 Years, and we cannot imagine a future, in Australia without high-speed railways – I mean, We still will continue to ride only on cars up and down the Hume Highway».

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