Workers' strike is over Qantas airlines

31 October, 2011


Sunday, 30 October, Service of the Labour Court of Australia (Fair Work Australia) decided to discontinue strike of the largest Australian airline Qantas.

Since airline Qantas few months could not agree with the unions of transport workers in Australia, who put forward a number of demands to improve working conditions and higher wages, current dialogue was connected service labor dispute in Australia.

The decision to terminate the strike was announced following an emergency meeting of the representatives of airlines Qantas and three unions, who took the unprecedented step, stating that they agree to fulfill the basic conditions of the strikers.




Recall, that Qantas Airways - the largest airline in Australia, its fleet consists of more 130 aircraft, In August 2011 year, the company management announced major restructuring due to financial losses and reduced market share, which implied a reduction of up to one thousand employees and termination of flights on certain routes.

In strikes involved airline pilots, of border - customs, aircraft mechanics, Luggage service clerks and employees of food items at airports Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Gold Coast and Cairns Airport, including porters and cleaners. , and demanded higher wages and better working conditions.


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