Age restrictions on the use of Facebook

23 Июль, 2011


Australia may impose age restrictions on the use of social network Facebook. If a positive decision on this issue will be taken, The Australians then able to log in with Facebook only 18 Years.

Australian authorities have decided to take this step under pressure from parents, that claim, that content to Facebook can harm children. Now to have a Facebook account, you can 13 Years, However, Proof of age do not need to, why can register a child younger age.



The question of, how visitors social network Facebook will confirm your age, Australian authorities decided. Also consider the possibility of providing access to the accounts of the parents of their children's Facebook.

Really, number of Australian experts do not believe, that such limitation with verification of age can be put into practice. If the restrictions are strengthened, then consider the possibility for parents to allow their child to join the social network individually.

According to Attorney General John Rau for age restrictions on the use of social network Facebook is quite an informed decision, which will allow parents to protect their children from not suitable for their content.

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