In Australia, the continuing flood

5 Февраль, 2012


More and more areas in the north Australian state of New South Wales are flooded as a result of, that the water in the rivers rose after prolonged heavy rains. From the cities of Mitchell, Bollon and Mori evacuees. Overall, more than 17 thousands of people were isolated in their homes and 800 people were evacuated in a specially prepared premises.
Floods, zatopivšee north Stat New South Wales, compounded by additional flow of water from north-eastern states of Australia – Квинсленда.

Prime Minister of the State of Queensland, Anna Blig gave police and rescue workers with special powers, allowed them to evacuate without their consent.



Bollona Mayor Donna Stewart stressed, that the city is under water for the second time in three years. At this point the water level exceeded 13 Metres away. The city opened evacuation centers, and the relationship with the hospitals by air, travel around the city by car is only the emergency services.

Floods triggered tropical cyclone brought rains "Grant" at the end of December 2011 year, led to, Cullen that the river, Fergyuson and Edith came out of shores.

Representatives of the Australian rescue services expected, that the water will begin to subside until, than a few weeks.

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