Hunter River

13 April, 2010


Река Хантер ( Hunter River)Hunter ( Hunter River) - River v. State New South Wales.
Length - 300 км, basin area - about 22 Thd. км. The sources are located okme slopes of Liverpool, Further, the river flows through the valley, located at 120-300 km north of Sydney and one of the largest plains on the coast of. Hunter falls in the Tasman Sea in the city Newcastle. The largest tributaries - the River Paterson and Williams.

The river was discovered by Europeans in the 1790s. In 1796 year near the mouth of the river was discovered coal. Until now, the port of Newcastle is the world's leading exporter of coal. The name of the river was in 1797 in honor of John Hunter, naval officer and governor of the colony of New South Wales.

Hunter Valley climate is favorable for the development of agriculture. The average temperature near the coast ranges from 13 ° C in winter to +23 ° C in summer, precipitation - 1100 мм, in some years - about 2000 мм. In the mountains imme winter the temperature can drop to zero.

The river is known for its flooding, after the catastrophic floods in February 1955 , the dam was built Glenbon. 2007 , also caused significant damage to.

In the river valley is home to about 630 Thd. person, More than half - in the coastal cities of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.



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