Labour's election promises and liberals

3 Сентябрь, 2013


Кевин Радд и Тони ЭбботтDo not know, whom to give preference in the election 7 September? We'll help you decide!
Last month, the National Press Club debated the party's election campaigns, participating in this weekend's upcoming parliamentary elections in Australia.
Compare some of the most typical election promises and planned cuts, which the leader of Australia's ruling house has made with 1996 Labor Party and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and leader of the opposition Coalition, Liberal Party - Tony Abbott. We hope this will help you decide the right choice for these two main political forces in Australia.
But let's remind you, Julian Assange's Vicky Leakes party is also taking part in the elections..
So, below election promises of Labour and the Liberals.

If you have school-age children …
In accordance with Labour's position, you will receive a school bonus.(Schoolkids) In the amount $ 410 per year for every child in primary school and $ 820 per year for every child in high school. But your family will not be eligible for these payments, if you're already getting these benefits, as Family Tax A.

Labour is also set to introduce 137 new fee-paying training centres in 225 schools across Australia.
Labour is also going to spend $ 8 Million. on programs to combat homophobic bullying in schools.
Liberals Want to Repeal Schoolkids Bonus. But it will match the funding of schools in the amount up to a dollar compared to Labour's programme over the next four years.
If you are a TAFE student (system of public vocational colleges, equivalents in rank and prestige to a university education)



The Labour Party will seek an agreement with the state and territories and guarantees, that no further cuts will not TAFE.

If a State refuses to guarantee funding for TAFE, the party of the Coalition will fund TAFE directly.

Continuation of election promises follows

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