19 March, 2011


Cockatoo ( Cacatuidae, son. Kakatoeidae) - Psittaciformes inhabiting bird family in Australia.
Cockatoo parrots is quite large, that reach up to 70 centimeters, distinguishing feature of these birds elongated feathers on the crown and forehead, that differ from the general plumage.

Coloring consists of white cockatoos, black, pink and yellow tones, and these birds is completely absent green. Males and females are equally colored cockatoo, but females are smaller than males.

In short tail cockatoo, curved beak, long and very massive. Mandible these parrots wider mandible in its widest part and therefore the edge mandible superimposed on the narrower upper mandible like a bucket. Such an arrangement is typical bill for cockatoo.



His beak in a position not only to break to pieces, wooden cage, and made of soft wire, and in nature is easily digested various hard shell nuts. Fleshy tongue at the end of the cornea is covered with black, with hollow, parrot that uses exactly the spoon. Voskovitsa some species naked, others feathered.

Cockatoo nest in hollows or arrange crevices, always at a great height from the ground, in the masonry of the 3 to 6 eggs. In the non-breeding season flocks are kept. Kakadu is not bad fly and climb trees well. The life span of 60-80 years, the cockatoo.

Kakadu perhaps the most interesting and fun for indoor parrots content. Very attached to the person, who takes care of them and give them lots of attention. Although they do not have great ability to talk, they can be taught to say a few dozen words and phrases, even small, publish a wide variety of sounds, they are very capable of opening locks and gates, exhibit outstanding artistry in circuses. Express their dissatisfaction with unpleasant cries of cockatoos, can be very capricious, and vindictive. Some subspecies are listed in the "International Red Book".





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