Mottled duck

20 February, 2011


Mottled duck ( Freckled naevosa) - Waterfowl duck family and the only species of its subfamily, found only in the South Australia.

Mottled duck inhabits grassy swamps and open lakes, mottled ducks are usually found in groups, which may have between 10 before 100 individuals.

Mottled duck is mid-sized, the length of the 50 до 60 см, wingspan of 75 до 85 см,weight obeforettlecmcks 800 grams to kilograms.

Color dark mottled ducks, a distinctive feature of the white spots, which covered all duck feather.



Mottled duck feeds on algae and aquatic plants, and worms, insects and small fish.

During the breeding season, mottled ducks, lasts from June to December, builds a nest of the male. Masonry consists of 5-7 eggs, which the female incubates for about a month.

At the present time,mottled duck, quite rare and is protected by law. Mottled duck attributed to the endangered species.

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