Tangalumskaja Bay Wrecks is part of the great barrier reef, ч3


Тангалумская Бухта Затонувших Кораблей
Tangalumskaja Bay Wrecks / Tangalooma Wrecks – a unique part of Moreton island. Photo: Tangalooma Island Resort



Best, that I was able to do three days in Tangalume was snorkeling places dramatic shipwrecks. Read the rest of this entry »




The best beaches in Australia: Vajtheven Beach, Квинсленд, Part 3

There's a reason, which Beach Postcard consistently tops the list of the country's best beaches. Photo: Queensland Tourism

WHY: Australian professional sculptor, shapes and structures specialist, made of sand, Peter Redmond, worked on innumerable beaches in the land of Oz, Read the rest of this entry »

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