Девять причин, why Australians do not have to go to travel abroad

29 June, 2014


Северная Территория, Австралия.

Can you tell, that you saw it with your own eyes?

This is one of the best places for tourism in Australia, and if you're under 60, You should definitely visit here, all the more so, If you have not been here.

When you ask young generation, why they don't want to go on a journey through these places, The, most likely that's, you will answer: «I'd rather fly to Mexico» или «Я поеду туда, When you retire» или «That's where my parents will travel» -here, what they say.

Так почему Северная территория Австралии получила такую плохую репутацию?

Sure, они чувствует, как пожилые люди испытывают потребность в таких путешествиях, because we really love the Toddle across the country our campers, complete with a portable shower, BBQ, and broken MP3 player. Really, very many people travel across this rarely inhabited Australian desert – more commonly known as refuge of grey nomads. They talk about their "adult children" and communicate the plastic wine cups, located near their 4WDs.



They know, What is the secret. It is necessary to overcome 464 km, чтобы добраться к Улуру. Надо уметь очищать свой собственный туалетный контейнер. Wearing funny grid over your head, not to eat the fly's for dinner. Road, resembling a washing Board, that goes for hundreds of miles. It's pretty obvious, Why do kids went would be better in Bali, somewhere in Uzbekistan.

But there are some things, You can learn from wise old nomads of steering in the most isolated areas of Australia – These are pure gems in Outback, you will never find, living in foggy Albion or crossing the ocean in the United States. How can you call yourself a traveler, If you still haven't seen the most incredible place in own country?

Vils and Kate far more travelers, than you.

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