Лучшие места для семейного отдыха в Австралии, h 4.2: N.T., Darwin

16 Декабрь, 2014


Аквасцена в Дарвине, штат Северная Территория.

You shouldn't feed all the waterfowl on the river, because there is a risk of, that the crocodile will grab you by the hand, but in the safety of the fish you can feed directly from Akvascene hands in Darwin. Author photo: Jenny Groom.

Darwin himself is a fantastic place for kids. They're going to love watching the crocodiles at the Crocosaurus Sanctuary. (Crocosaurus Cove), Located in the heart of the city. Don't forget to dine at one of the restaurants on the stockside waterfront at Stocks Hill Wharf and see the big fish floating in the water. If children (And you are) decide to feed these fish, keep way downstream to Akvasceny (Aquascene), where fish swim right at the shoals, to eat out of your hand.

Everyone can enjoy a visit to the Mindil Beach markets, where you can enjoy while watching a huge variety of food and admire the impressive sunset. Older children, especially enjoy Dekchajar cinema Cinema (The Deckchair Cinema Cinema) – impressive outdoor cinema (There you too will be able to eat well and cheaply).

The best way to escape the heat – it's head to one of the huge and free water parks, Such, like The Linier Water Park (Leanyer) or water park Palmerston, There is a huge water slides and playgrounds, who will love and babies and older children.

Парк водных аттракционов Линйер является одним из двух аквапарков в Дарвине с бесплатным входом, в обоих есть игровые площадки, предназначенные для всех возрастов.

Linjer water park is one of the two water parks in Darwin with free entrance, in both there are playgrounds, designed for all ages.

Fans of big adventures worth go town on CRIC jump cruise – huge crocodiles, swaying in the water, suddenly jump out, to grab a piece of meat, dangling overboard. It looks very scary.



In about 90 minutes south of Darwin is Litchfield National Park. Here you can go on a big journey for the whole day from Darwin. You are waiting for a large number of beautiful beaches such, as Florence Falls, long walks, and quite unusual scenery area, littered with termite mounds.

You don't want to swim in the river after a cruise with jumping crocodile.

Three hours East of Darwin (and here it is necessary to plan, at least, one night) is Kakadu National Park. It is vast in area and is very different in the wet and dry season – so keep this in mind, before you go there. If you find yourself there in the wet season, Many attractions will be inaccessible to you, but you can go flying over the park - it will be a stunning sight!

Национальный парк Нитмилак, Дарвин, штат Северная Территория.

Explore the impressive gorges National Park Nitmilak.

In approximately three hours drive south of Darwin is the town of Katherine, located near the Nitmilak National Park (Nitmiluk) (also known as Katherine Gorge). With impressive gorges system it is possible to get acquainted with the help of a tour boat or kayak (but be very careful and watch out for freshwater crocodiles, If you want to suddenly dip!)

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