Where to eat deliciously and heartily on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Ch5

5 Май, 2021


Popular Ulmarra Hotel / Ulmarra. Photo: Northern River Tourism. Source: Regional Media News

Get comfortable with your favourite drink and immerse yourself in the gardens of the Ulmarra Hotel / Ulmarra, typical Australian pub, Built 113 years ago and located a short drive northeast of Grafton.

Being in Nimbin you can't miss The Dutch Restaurant & Co with morning coffee and bakery of the same name nimbin, to try something sweet, and later – handmade pasta and wood-fired pizza in Armonica / Armonica .

Hot tip – take a look at the Nimbin Farmers Market, which is held every Wednesday afternoon, to sample some of the region's best fresh produce.

Sanctus Beer Company / Sanctus Brewing Co - one of the prides of the region. Source: Regional media news



Go to the coastal paradiso diner in Yamba, to taste fresh local delicacies. At Beechwood Cafe / Beachwood can be dined with authentic Turkish dishes. And discover one of the prides of the region – St. Petersburg Beer Company / Sanctus Brewing Co, near Yamba towards McLean, where you'll find an impressive selection of dishes and craft beer.

And there's no better way to enjoy the Yamba, than to take a seat next to friendly locals and eat something in the pub at the Hotel Pacifik/Pacific.

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