$ 440 000 for tourist mine makeup Bikonsfild

3 April, 2015


История шахты Беконсфилд. Todd Russell and Brant Webb (the second on photo) solemnly emerge from the elevator shaft after the Beaconsfield, they have been trapped beneath the ground for 14 Days. Фото: Getty.

Now people can visit the place, where miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb famously got out of the mine after Bikonfild, they were buried alive under the ground during 14 Days.

The closure of the Beaconfield gold mine 2012 year, combined with a federal grant from the government of $ 200 000, allowed to include the Beonsfield mine in the cultural heritage centre, who works next door for over 30 years.

West Tamar Council, who owns the center, in turn also subsidized more than $ 200 000 to develop the project and, So, Total investment in the tourist complex amounted to $ 440000.
The project "development of Mining production" was opened by the Registrar of the Federal Parliament on industry and science Karen Andrews.

Miner Larry Knight was killed at the Beaconsfield mine collapse underground during the Veterans Day, in 2006. The operation to rescue Mr. Russell and Mr. Webb was watched with transfixion by the entire nation and watched by television audiences around the world, that eventually began to attract a lot of visitors to this city.



The historic Hart Building contains a powerful mine lift, to which the elevators were attached with a giant pulley at the top of the frame, to lower miners and machinery into the mine and transport gold ore up.

West Tamara Mayor Christina Holmdal said: «You can see the billboard with tags, where the miners took and to which they returned the tags, When they came and went to work and said their presence in the slaughter before, than you climb the stairs with an amazing panorama of the headframe.

Обновленная Шахта Беконсфилд. Updated mine is Beaconsfield is now a world heritage site.

«We have done everything, to preserve the authentic nature of the production and at the same time made it a safe and pleasant place to explore».

During the opening ceremony, the famous American songwriter Eric Hutchinson said, that the inclusion of mine in a list of objects of local tourist Heritage Centre has become an impressive addition to the already strong enough Tasmania's tourism industry, that attracts more 2,1 millions of visitors per year, and brings more 500 millions of dollars into the economy of the region.

«The implementation of this project will be another occasion for tourists, to visit the West Tamar area in Tasmania, and learn more about the history of valley agriculture, and better to get to know the "history and life" of the region», said Mr Hutchinson.




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