Лучшие кемпинги в штате Виктория ч2

26 Январь, 2017


 С Мыса Шнек открывается вид на живописный маяк.

From Cape overlooking the picturesque Auger lighthouse.

2. Cape Auger / CAPE Schanck

Located at the tip of the Mornington Peninsula only 90 minutes drive from Melbourne, Cape Auger offers you a quick escape from the city.

Прогулки здесь отлично подходят для всех сезонов, а зимой можно увидеть более живописные волны, разбивающихся о вулканические базальтовые скалы.

On Cape route takes you from the car park on the Boardwalk directly to the base of the lighthouse. This transition is hardly tense, и вы получите отличные фото с обзорных площадок на Девил Дек и Прекестулен.

Прогулка в залив Вашрейнджерс, с другой стороны Мыса, занимает около двух часов. It will provide you with stunning views of some of the best coastal scenery, Victoria has to offer with Lakes, towering cliffs and abundant wildlife.

Grampian Mountains offer world class rock climbing, as well as many easy walks.

3. Грампианские горы / Grampians

Select a car and spend the day in the Grampians or pack their belongings and make yourself a long weekend here! Just a three hour drive from Melbourne, национальный парк может похвастаться разительным контрастом скалистых гор из песчаника и окружающих их равнин сельхозугодий.

Day hiking trails



Видовые Балконы Лукауты / The Balconies Lookout – is an excellent route for beginners. It's quite sleek and lightweight walking 2 km route to a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the Valley Victoria, with lots of rocks and vegetation, on the way to maintain your interest at the appropriate level. Minimum effort and maximum reward – What could be better!

The trail down to the waterfall Deep most valued in the off-season and spring time, When waterfalls flow in full force. To explore the waterfalls up close and personal you have to go on 600 m down the stairs to the bottom of the waterfall, but there is also a route to lookout point.

5.5 km circular route to the top of the Pinnacle is incredibly picturesque and takes about two to three hours at an easy pace. Just remember to wear shoes with good grip, чтобы с удовольствием пройти путь по скользким ступеням, скалам и переходам через водные преграды. Начиная с Чудесной автостоянки, continue your way pass the Grand Canyon and in the end you will have a magnificent view to the top of the Pinnacle.

If you want to, go several routes and camp for the night, the campground Grempians Paradise / Grampians Paradise, provides all facilities, including relaxation rooms equipped with heating system, air conditioning and table tennis! Camping with stunning views of the mountain range is just 20 minutes from the village of Halls Gap / Halls Gap.

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