Philip Morris against the Australian Government

27 June, 2011


The Australian Government is deliberately introduce new rules for cigarette packs, under the new rules on cigarette packs will not indicate the company producer. Philip Morris Company, opasajushhajasja in connection with the new rules substantially reduce competitiveness, ready to go to court and seek compensation from the Government of Australia and the amount of compensation can reach billions of dollars.

The Australian Government plans to compel tobacco companies to produce cigarettes in simple plain packages, without company logo. The authorities have already decided, that cigarette packs will be olive green, so, according to research conducted by  ,  smokers consider least attractive bundles.

While slogans, advertising texts and logos of manufacturers will be prohibited. Manufacturers, on cigarette packets, be able to specify only the name of the cigarettes and the standard font and color. Pictures depicting the effects of smoking will remain 75% front packaging and 90% -rear. Australian authorities suggest, the new rules will come into force in January 2012 year.



Philip Morris Asia (owns Philip Morris Australia Limited) Said, that raised to prominence   the Australian Government of its intention to sue, If there are new regulations on registration of cigarette packs.     in Philip Morris claim, they have every reason to go to court, where will demand compensation for the damage to business. As the representative of Philip Morris, We can talk about the billions of dollars, but the final decision will be made the court.

However, under the laws of Australia, the parties have three months, to reach a compromise, so Australia could become the first country in the world , require the tobacco companies to produce cigarettes in plain packets without company logos manufacturers.
Currently, the Australian authorities, отказываться от своих планов не намерены, even under threat of litigation.   Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in response to threats to Philip Morris stated "we don't intimidate the tactics major tobacco companies, whether it is political ... or legal ".

Australia has already banned cigarette advertising in the media and on the streets, besides, last year the government raised taxes on tobacco in 25%. According to their estimates, in the country die each year from tobacco 15 Thd. person, and the treatment of disease, caused by smoking, It takes up to $33 Billion. annually.

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