Festival of Football in Sydney

30 July, 2010




Фeстивaль Футбoлa в СиднeeПри oфициaльнoй инфoрмaциoннoй пoддeржкe aгeнтствa FOX SPORTS в Сиднee 31 July sostoyatsya dolgozhdannye matchi mestnogo FC "Sydney" with supergene from Europe: AEK Athens, "Glasgow Rangers" and "Blackburn" in Britain.

Before a friendly match will be played lottery, favorite which will get the ball autographed by all the captains 4 Clubs, opportunity to get into the locker room before the tournament teams and take pictures with the teams oposlya matches.

The tour overseas teams had cooperated in Sydney following the example of a cool tour, "Everton" on the towns of Australia.

All of these friendly matches with local clubs in the top clubs in Europe, and the excitement around them, showed once again, as "soccer", in personality after the world championship in South Africa, popular in the country.




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