Coronavirus in Australia. Queensland authorities announce immediate isolation of residents

4 Август, 2021


State officials said Saturday., that Brisbane, australia's third largest city, and parts of Queensland will be immediately blocked. The decision is related to the identification of seven cases of infection with the delta variant of the coronavirus..

Deputy Prime Minister Stephen Miles said, that millions of people in Brisbane and several other areas will be transferred under a three-day order not to leave their homes on Saturday afternoon.. "The only way to defeat the Delta option is to act immediately., be fast and strong", – Miles said in a statement.
During the quarantine, residents will only be allowed to leave their homes for valid reasons..



On Saturday, six new cases of coronavirus delta variant infection among humans were confirmed in Brisbane., related to one student, who has previously been diagnosed with an infection. Students and teachers of two schools quarantined. Still unclear, who was the original source of infection, although genetic testing revealed infections, found in travelers, returnees from abroad.

In Australia's largest city, Sydney, restrictions have been imposed on 26 June, That, expected, will last at least until 27 Augusta. About 1000 police officers were sent to the capital of New South Wales to prevent protests against the imposed restrictions.

On Saturday, NSW officials reported 210 new coronavirus cases.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, Australia has been detected 34 000 cases of infection, and 924 people with Covid-19 have died.
On Friday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, that the government will open the borders and lift restrictions, when will it be vaccinated? 80 % Australians.

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