Вы можете тут поесть лучше, чем в ресторане любого большого города, ч4

13 Июль, 2017


Hungry foodies won't be disappointed here, as the South Coast provides ample opportunity for lovers of good meal.

Instead of, to spend big money on oysters at a restaurant with overpriced, go directly to the original source at Tazra Ojsters / Tathra Oysters. The family provides some of the most famous (and most expensive) restaurants in the country, including Rokpul and ARIA. According to invoices, your desire to enjoy the freshest oysters here you almost nothing is worth.

Another guaranteed winner-wild ginger restaurant in Huskisone. This pan-Asian restaurant serves a great selection of wines and menus, in which the hosts in all take advantage of its sea coast and offer all: from cancers and perches, to crabs and fish-crocodile (shhupalcevyj ploskogolov).



Chef Inland at Berrima's Loch and part-time farmer-Brigid Kennedy turned his home into a boutique hotel and gourmet restaurant. He menu offers a wide choice of local products and wines.

But when it comes to seafood, Nobody can beat the British chef, local celebrity and Rick Knight Shtaina. His only Australian restaurant is located in the posh hotel Railing near the sea / Bannisters By The Sea in Mollimuke, and no wonder, that menu – This seafood, main dishes such as fish pie Bannisters and Curry seafood from Indonesia.

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