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Portuguese millipedes are suspected of train collision in Clarkson


Two trains collided at a station in Perth yesterday morning Clarkson.
Hundreds of tiny centipedes may cause a collision of two trains at the Joondalup line, as a result of which six were wounded this morning.



Two trains collided at a station in Clarkson 6:40 Morning. The clash occurred between the moving train and standing stationary at the station, in which passengers boarded, departing Perth. Read the rest of this entry »




Australia - the most generous country in the world!

According to the latest survey of the famous CAF Charity Foundation (Charities Aid Foundation) Australia won the first place in the world of Philanthropy last WGI index, 2012 Year.
This means, that the Australians more than anyone else in the world are involved in charity. Read the rest of this entry »

Australian cities in the top half of the list-10

According to the analytical and research center EIU, Headquartered in London, almost half of the list of the best cities in the world located in Australia. In the annual reports published by the EIU at the top of the long and firmly established Australian Melbourne. Australian cities such as Adelaide, Perth and Auckland are also in the top 10. Of the European cities in the top ten included only Vena and Helsinki. Three Canadian cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary were also among the top ten to live in.. Read the rest of this entry »

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